My Story

Hi again, in case you missed it, my name is Sarah Aspinall and I am an illustrator living in Los Angeles (with my naughty black cat Mugglewump).   I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design ('04) and now write and illustrate picture books, make art for greeting cards, fabric designs, wallpaper, wrapping paper, grocery stores, and really any surface that I can get my work on.  Some of my favorite themes to work with include, but are not limited to; family, siblings, food, animals, nature, fairy tales and psychology.   I also really enjoy creating repeat patterns, it’s so satisfying!

 I get my inspiration from all sorts of places, quite literally as I am a travel addict.  I also watch lots of films, I love black and white movies, Roman Holiday and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? are a couple of my favorites.  I am dotty about animation,  I follow pattern blogs and sites like Pattern Observer and Print and Pattern and am of course an avid collector of childrens books.  I admire lots of different artists work, some of my favorite illustrators include Molly Idle, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ivan Eryle, Mary Blair, Herve Moran and Polly Becker.  I absolutely must be immersed in nature on a regular basis.  I love animals, rainbows, spicy cocktails, interesting clothes and rummaging through a good junk shop in search of hidden treasure.

Some of my clients, past and present, include: Scholastic, Blue Sky Press, Bloomsbury, Templar, The BBC, ITV, CBEEBIES, Connecting Threads, Teva, The Guardian, Plansponsor and Nickelodeon.