All of us together on one of our 'sunny' english summer holidays.                                  Photo credit: Mum                       

 All of us together on one of our 'sunny' english summer holidays.                                  Photo credit: Mum                       

Sarah Aspinall grew up on top of a hill in the middle of the english countryside. Surrounded by her seven brothers and sisters, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and mice, she quickly learnt that using her imagination to paint, draw and write stories was her favorite thing to do.

So she practiced and practiced and never gave up.

When she was bigger, Sarah hopped over the Atlantic to study at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Here she studied illustration, graduating in 2004 with a BFA and an award for the most innovative artist in the department. 

Over the years, Sarah Aspinall has worked in a range of industries where her work has taken various forms. This has included large scale installations, prop making and art directing for children’s television programs, editorial illustrations, puppets and costumes for live theatrical performances, and character, background and concept designs for various animation projects. 

In 2012 Sarah moved to Los Angeles where she met her amazing literary agent Deborah Warren of East West Literary, and later, her fabulous editor and publisher of her proudest accomplishment to date, 'Penguins Love Colors' (Blue Sky Press, Scholastic).

When not drawing, writing or building things, Sarah loves to exhibit her work, she has had shows in London, Mexico and various places throughout the USA.  Additionally, Sarah is a member of the prestigious Chelsea Arts Club in London, where she was the youngest artist to have a solo exhibition in over 100 years.